Best Facebook Marketing Tutorial Ever for 2017!

Looking forward to an amazing 2017. There has been so many changes recently in every aspect of social media and the important role it plays in the success of every business. Our friend Jerry Banfield shares his prediction and advice how you can use Facebook and get in front of customers this year 2017.

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Social Media Training for Hotels Bars Nightclubs & Events

After spending 25 years Managing & Marketing Businesses in Ireland, we miss our Irish business partners. A recent conversation with long friends and Digital Marketing Experts Alias Marketing and Design, inspired me to offer the following insights into Social Media Management for Hotels Bars Nightclubs & Events :

Google Ireland HQ Dublin Ireland



–          Profile picture – Branding appears in the posts, on people phones for follow up calls.

–          Cover pic – Tells a story; highlights what’s great about your product / venue. For sponsored pages it acts as your banner ad.

–          Status update

ENGAGEMENT – Marketing has changed

–          Conversation – make people want to talk & engage. How?

–          Inbound marketing, people come to you v outbound – shouting promotions.

People need to discover you via proving this valuable information.

–          What is your favourite paper/magazine?

–          Why do you buy it?

–          Do you purchase the buy and sell ?

–          Deliver Timely Relevant Interesting current content – Taco Bell = People want a personalised sales experience, tailored to their needs.

–          The more connections you make with interested fans the more viral reach (exposure) your Facebook Page will receive.

–          Where are your fans? Are they only on Facebook?

–          What do your fans want?

–          When do they want it?

–          If you must promote, relate content to promotion – e.g If you’re promoting Halloween have a funny picture of a mad costume.

–          Become an expert in your field –


o   Discover and be clear about what are you selling? Fun & entertainment; Dining experience ?

o   Become a source for valuable information – 95-99% of fans never return to your page. Give them a reason to return.

o   Information about events and what’s happening ;

o   Become the lord mayor of entertainment & information.

o   Engage and highlight other local businesses. – Check out ‘John the fish monger who we source our fish from.’

o   Engage with the community / “the parish” – All people, Irish people in particular, want to belong to a tribe.

o   Information about the community will make you an authority figure on your Niche

Becoming an Authority figure gives you leverage when in the Persuasion process. People respect and believe authority. They will believe your statuses – Robert Caldini

“Great buzz tonight in our Bar – drop in for pint and a piece of the action” .

“Super band tonight”

Social proof – Photos; when people see others enjoying themselves, they believe they will enjoy themselves. Rollercoaster screams syndrome – More screams the better the ride !!

Photos also encourage re-engagement, they give people a reason to return and engage.

People love gossip and creeping on Facebook. Photo people dressed well, enjoying themselves. Always get permission. Be careful who is in the background!!

Offers – reciprocation; another principle of influence; If you give someone something People feel obliged to giveback – Favour for a favour. – Bubbly for bookings of 10 or more.

Birthday Cocktails offer…..

Giveaways / Competitions for real fans – You want people who will stay / return to the venue and not just in for a few drink and head off. “Design your dream Burger / Mix your dream cocktail and we’ll feature it as a special this week at our  Pub”

Ask questions to find out what people want. “What did you think of this weekend’s bands ?” Who do want to see playing on the Stage”.

Always reply to questions & messages, stats show, people expect a reply within 6hrs on Social media. Upsell in your replies – “Yes , we’re open till 12.30 tonight & Who’s Eddie are playing, and remember no cover charge as always.” “Lunch is served from 12-2, don’t forget free WI-FI !!” Highlight “free features” to add value. Message reply, customise replies : “Hi John, thanks for your mail……”sign off with a name DP, stick to it.


Content –

Be excited, be creative, think about what you write, is it attractive? / does it inspire engagement ?….What’s the best way to measure it ? What’s the one question to ask yourself”

Would I click on it (or someone I know who it is targeted at e.g football) .

People want a personalised sales experience.

Be real – don’t post stock images of food, take a well framed pic of staff member in full uniform, holding food or drink specials – Adds personality, much more professional. How many time have you been in a takeway, and seen stock images that look terrible. ?

Use the rule of 3 – 3 lines of content. Use whitespace.” Whitespace sells….buys double your FB space. With 3 keyword sum up.

Check spelling.

Decide on your voice, and stick with it !! Picture Your Facebook / Twitter persona.

Initally we spoke about been found. Keywords first 18 characters read by Google. Current keywords “#Saturday” “Xfactor” “Christmas Parties”. – FB Hashtags

Promote – drive traffic to the site – This weeks band listing now on

All this work contributes to how Search engines view “Your Pub” – Did you ever wonder how did Google know what I was looking for ? !!

Edge Rank – Will my post be seen – How Facebook rates and delivers content

Affinity — i.e., how close is the relationship between the user and the content/source?

Weight — i.e., what type of action was taken on the content?

Decay — i.e., how recent/current is the content?

Edge Rank made it possible for Facebook to give users a more personalized News Feed.

Relationship Settings

Another factor is the relationship settings that Facebook users can apply. With each friend, you can go a step further and label the person a “close friend” or “acquaintance.” With liked Pages, users can choose to “Get notifications” or “Receive updates,” and there are deeper settings to control what kind of content the user wants to see.

Post Types

The News Feed algorithm takes into account the type of posts that each user tends to like. Users that often interact with photo posts are more likely to see more photo posts in the News Feed, and users that tend to click more on links will see more posts with links.

Hide Post / Spam Reporting

News Feed visibility can also be impacted by users’ ability to hide posts or mark them as spam. But it’s not as simple as having a set threshold that will cause posts to stop showing in users’ News Feeds.

“Given this story, and given the user’s history, what’s the probability that you’ll like this story? What’s the probably that you’ll hide it?

Story Bumping

Unseen posts a second chance at News Feed visibility if they’re still getting interaction, and they’re relevant to you.

Last Actor

Puts a premium on recency. Facebook is tracking a user’s most recent 50 interactions and giving them more weight when deciding what to show in the News Feed

Insights – Test, test & retest – What is working and why, drill down.


Facebook Advertising Paid –

Sponsored Stories : The goal of Sponsored Stories to get more users to take the same action that a friend has. If a page wants Likes, it can show Page Like Sponsored Stories. If a retailer wants more users to claim an offer, it can show Offer Claimed Sponsored Stories.


Promoted Posts v Sponsored Stories

Promoted Posts


Targets current fans

Higher click through rate

Lower cost per click price

Creates opportunity for new engagement with fans who no longer interact with your page.



Doesn’t reach non fans without engagement

Only available to pages with over 400 fans.

Sponsored Stories


Larger reach

Can create story regardless of fan size base

Will attract more fans due to targeted reach


Lower click through rate

Higher cost per click

Summary :

If you’re looking to gain new fans or capitalize on a certain targeted market then Sponsored Stories would be the best option due to its customizability.

If you’re looking to increase engagement without getting granular then Promoted Posts would be the best option due to its simple and inexpensive method.


Check out the following inspirational Video from Social Media Management Expert Guy Kawasaki :